Christmas Story

Christmas Story © W. Scott Grant Christmas 1993 Church bells ringing in the tower Children singing in the choir The season here, the day has come Stars shine clear, winter begun. Christ child, Jesus, returns in spirit With a message for those who hear it He speaks again of love and peace Foretelling the end […]

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Hey friends, sorry about not posting the past couple days. I know you’re following me closely and have been wondering. Well, maybe not. Perhaps I’m just a minor blip on your radar. A diversion. Whatever I am, know that I’m still here and still alive. I’ve been sick! Acute sinusitus and acute bronchitus. Getting treated […]

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The Gift of Christmas

The Gift of Christmas © 1998 W. Scott Grant Christmas, 1998 One evening something happened very strange I was driving home, not far from the range. Swirling lights and loud engines took me by surprise Then an extraterrestrial appeared before my eyes. He signaled me to come aboard his ship With his laser gun taken […]

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Christmas Lament

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Weekend. As it is the official kickoff of the Christmas Season, I thought I’d share some of the Christmas poems I’d written over the years. We’ll start with this snarky sarcastic diatribe I came up with in 1998. Enjoy!   Christmas Lament © W. […]

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Just a quick note…

Hey all, I know you’re expecting me to post new poems every day. Well, tomorrow is the Thanksgiving holiday (in the U.S.) and part of a 5-day weekend for me. For normal weekends, I’ll set up and schedule posts while I’m away. I just don’t feel like doing that right now as I have a […]

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The Angel’s Message

I struggled trying to find the right poem to post this particular day – the 16th anniversary of Brenda’s death. We spent 17 wonderful years together, and even the last year and a half, spent in the nursing home, she was still an inspiration. I remember many good times we had together, and how we […]

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