A New Journey

How long has it been? For someone who enjoys writing, I’ve been rather quiet as of late. Perhaps too many projects going on? With every turn there seems to be more, too. And there’s that other thing. Projects? Let’s review those first. Gaming. D&D. You know about that. A few months ago, I was asked […]

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Agency and the Amusement Park

Introduction There have been many discussions about Player Agency and the differences between Sandbox and Railroading. I believe these topics are intertwined and it is nearly impossible to discuss one without the other. My blog has been silent for far too long and its high time I get my fingers going again. I’m going to […]

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My First Publication on DMsGuild

Today I made my first submission to DMsGuild, which is part of DriveThruRPG. The contribution is small – only eight pages. And, it’s free. Here’s the link: NPC Conversations So far, it’s been “sold” 4 times and one person left a very positive review with a 5-star rating. This is encouraging! Start small, and grow, right? […]

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D&D Inspired Limericks

D&D Inspired Limericks (c) W. Scott Grant December 13, 2018 11:30 am Today on Facebook, someone posted a limerick based on D&D. This inspired me to write my own: Allessia was a dwarven cleric of life Who refused to fight with sword and knife She called upon her god “Freya, please give me a nod” […]

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My Take on Session Zero

There are a lot of discussions about Session Zero and what should be discussed. You can find numerous blogs, articles, and pages. I did a quick Google search on “Session Zero RPG” and it says there are about 172,000 results. And I’m going to add one more? How is mine going to be any different […]

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Revised Wild Magic Surge Table

This replaces the Wild Magic Surge Table presented in the D&D 5e Players Handbook on page 104. It is offered as a transformative rule change for those who wish to use it. Below I’ll explain why I created it. 6/18/2020: I want to encourage people to go to DMsGuild, purchase and download the latest version […]

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Through a Cat’s Eyes – 12.4

Winter Sleeping, Chasers’s Day 5, Year of the Lion number 427; January 2, 1739 Agathon; Linne 182 I wanted to write about the winter solstice and new-year celebrations, since they are distinctly different than what we do in the Tabaxi culture. You can see the year numbers have incremented, though we’re still in the Year […]

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