Culture in RPG

While vacationing in Maui, Hawai’i, I spent an afternoon at a local game store and participated in that group’s D&D session. Swan, the DM, created a homebrew world that I believe to be somewhat unique and clever. Basically, in a post-apocalyptic Earth, an alien force has “gathered together” many of the Pacific Islands, including Hawai’i, […]

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Through a Cat’s Eyes: 16.2

Summer Growing, Shader’s Day 10, Year of the Lion number 428; August 5, 1739 Agathon; Linne 182 My original plan was to write this sweeping journal entry about the glory and splendor that is Featherscar, Mirascai. I set out this morning to find one of the highest points to look out over the city and […]

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Through a Cat’s Eyes: 15.3

Spring Planting, Planter’s Day 19, Year of the Lion number 428; March 27, 1739 Agathon; Linne 182 Shrinehall is an immensely beautiful city. Despite being entirely underground. I just wish the people of Shrinehall, at least most of them, were as beautiful in their hearts. There are a few, at least. I arrived at the […]

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Revised Wild Magic Surge Table

This replaces the Wild Magic Surge Table presented in the D&D 5e Players Handbook on page 104. It is offered as a transformative rule change for those who wish to use it. Below I’ll explain why I created it. 6/18/2020: I want to encourage people to go to DMsGuild, purchase and download the latest version […]

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