Agency and the Amusement Park

Introduction There have been many discussions about Player Agency and the differences between Sandbox and Railroading. I believe these topics are intertwined and it is nearly impossible to discuss one without the other. My blog has been silent for far too long and its high time I get my fingers going again. I’m going to […]

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Trouble on Stonecrystal Island

Friday Fun!!!! As promised, here is the second epic ballad written back in 2010 telling the story of three brave adventurers.   Trouble on Stonecrystal Island #1 2010 It has been many months since Darkenmore When our heroes were called upon by the King But now Jansan, Korbo and Darri Have been called to do […]

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The Darkenmore Swamp Chronicles

A Friday treat… I think this is the longest poem I ever wrote. This was originally posted on a gaming fan-site called “Trollhalla” run by Ken St. Andre, the author of the RPG game, Tunnels & Trolls. I originally posted it over the course of 10 days. I won’t do that to you. If you […]

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The Dragon’s Dagger

Today I change it up a bit. Here’s a ballad-style poem I wrote in 2009 and was originally posted on a discussion board called Trollhalla. Unfortunately, that site is no more. This is the first of three. Trollhalla was a site owned and operated by Ken St. Andre for people to discuss his role playing […]

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