Through A Cat’s Eyes – The Story of Kabize Vipertree

Kabize Vipertree is a Tabaxi that lives in my D&D setting, Neuith. She tells her story through entries in her journal, so we get a window not only into her life, but into the world she lives in. As an outsider, she is discovering many things for the first time. Share in her journey as the world unfolds around her.

The following links go to the first page of each chapter. Most chapters have more than one journal entry.

Through a Cat’s Eyes – 1.1

Through a Cat’s Eyes – 2.1

Through a Cat’s Eyes – 3.1

Through a Cat’s Eyes – 4.1

Through a Cat’s Eyes – 5.1

Through a Cat’s Eyes – 6.1

Through a Cat’s Eyes – 7.1

Through a Cat’s Eyes – 8.1

Through a Cat’s Eyes – 9.1

Through a Cat’s Eyes – 10.1

Feel free to leave your comments. If you notice anything like a spelling or grammatical error, or have a suggestion on how to better word something, please don’t hesitate to tell me about it. While this is clearly a vanity project for me, I still want to improve my skills and the best way to do that is to be receptive to criticism and correction.


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