You Who Are

Who You Are
© W. Scott Grant
September 13, 2020; 10:15 am
Dedicated to the memory of Marsh L. Grant, 3/1/1937 – 5/3/2020

Are you the Wicked Witch,
With green skin and magic?
Are you my disciplinarian,
Wielding a fly-swatter switch?

Perhaps you’re Miss Tweed
Solving a mystery on stage
Like where are the missing toys
You know, the ones I need?

Or maybe you’re Mrs. Carmody
Playing the winning hand
Riding in the car on vacation
Passing time with Gin-Rummy

Then there’s the director behind stage
The puppet master with her strings
Guiding, molding, encouraging
As your two boys come of age

Are you the writer, with stories to tell
Deep, meaningful, unforgettable
Inspiring for success, in our own way
Our own paths to Heaven or Hell

All the roles you’ve played
In the eyes of the audience
In the hearts of three men
We know the parts you portrayed

For Dad, the loving, devoted wife
Together more than sixty years
And mother to your two sons
You truly had a wonderful life

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