The Windows of My Soul: All of a Piece (#217)

All of a Piece (#217)
© Brenda
October 25, 1984 7:20 am

Bear with me while I find
The common meeting ground
Of your love and your life
As it interweaves with mine.

It’s all of a piece, you see
My love for you
My joy, my tears
My creativity
That part of me that went
Skinny-dipping in the lake.

Long, long years I did not laugh
Nor did I cry
My pain was silent
My pen hurt to write
My psyche slept
The laughter ~ silvered soul of me
Was tucked away.
Where there was no hurt.

Being all connected inside
I cannot come apart in pieces
Giving part to you, part to someone else.
All I can do is wall of my laughter
And put my psyche but to sleep.
Then I will no longer be me.

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